Intimate Weddings and Elopement Photographer. Available for Canadian weddings and destinations worldwide.


Holoscene Photos is about preserving a feeling, a particular time and place and to show you two things: life’s impermanence and love’s importance. The name “Holoscene” comes from the name of the present geological epoch we are in and has been for the past 12,000 years. Our lives seem small, like dust in the wind compared to these epochs we are all part of now — still, we find solace in people that make our lives whole and magnificent.

heart-work — the heart of this work is about you, your love, your story.


behind the camera,

Hi I’m Jasmine! Destination wedding photographer based out of Vancouver, B.C. and the person behind Holoscene Photos. The wild child in me is always day-dreaming about my next adventure, somewhere in the mountains, near the ocean, and anywhere in between.

I believe what matters most in this life is human connection — connection between two souls, between friends, families, between people around us that make us, us. Photographs for me is a way to pause time, to hold on to a moment, to preserve a time and place and what it feels like, and to be reminded all that remains true.

Read more on my approach — here.